Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Difficulty of Kindness

I've been thinking about how offensive, how rude, how uncaring, a position on religion such as mine must be to others. After all, I think every religion ever invented by man is a fool's exercise, believed by dumb-heads, signifying nothing except a reason to persecute others. This is not exactly a kind way to think about so many people.

(But then, I was brought up to learn the Old Testiment.)

Still, I fully understand human needs. I also contemplate mortality, look up at the stars, and have those same needs myself. And making other people unhappy with my ideas is not precisely an example of the Golden Rule. (But note: the Golden Rule - don't mess with others as you would not want to be messed with - is a humanistic idea. Every religion - every one! - has always screwed it up.)

Sure, being wedded to Bronze- or Iron-Age thinking is dumb. It is like deciding that pre-Copernicus thinking is a good way to get to the moon.

But still, one has to be understanding, and loving, of one's fellow man. That should go without saying.

And then, they start talking about voting for Sarah Palin for president. Sheesh.

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