Saturday, December 12, 2009

A stand-up deer

I've never before seen a deer stand up on it's hind legs, straight as a man or a woman, head stretching further up, front legs dangling, just to get at the remaining, frozen, berries on a tree.

This was a short, year-old doe. But as I watched from my kitchen window into the back yard this afternoon, the doe became an upright six-footer, sticking its head toward goodies passed up by other deer. The movement shrugged the accumulated snowfall off her back, head, and snout. After 10 or 15 stand-up munchings, she took off, following the handful of other does that already had leaped my lowest fence and headed out to other neighboring yards.

But, hey, a stand-up deer is cool. Certainly worth putting a book down to watch for a while.

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