Saturday, March 27, 2010

A little peace

Three good-sized mule deer does - two bedded down on my grass, another searching for springtime lilac buds - are hanging around at 8:15 p.m. in my back yard, feeling comfortable, it seems as the sun drops away, even though their movements activated my back yard light. (Which drew me to my back window in the first place.)

I had been watching and listening to the final installment of 24 half-hour lectures on A. Einstein, cool dude. (A bit of a sexual philanderer, but hey.)

The lecture, taught by Professor Don Howard of Notre Dame, ended with an interesting story about a Chinese guy named Xu Liangying. Xu, to make the story short, translated Einstein, and the effort made him and his translations an important impetus for democracy in China. That democracy remains unfinished in China, of course, as does Einstein's fervent struggle for world peace, remains unfortunately the case.

But, as I look down out of my kitchen window at the does, tails and legs tucked away but ears erect, nesting in for the night in a place in which they feel safe, I don't begrudge those deer a little peace.

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