Friday, May 28, 2010

If your clone loved it ...

OK. Let's face it. I did it again. "Fantasy & Science Fiction" magazine ran another contest, and I got sucked in. The idea was to concoct a pickup line that works in a science fictional or fantastical setting to grab the interest of the man/woman/alien being you've got your eye on.

Among my entries (you could have up to six, but I ran out steam at four), my best guess for a winner is: "You might not know this, but your clone and I used to be HOT!"

Then there were the next two: "Of course we've met! It was at the 2020 Democratic convention!" and "Wow! What an outfit! Didn't you used to be that severely retarded paraplegic?"

Lastly, no doubt fatigued, I took the I'm-with-a-bimbo approach: "Look out! Get under my arm! Let's go to my apartment! There's a neutrino coming!"

You can see why I cut it off at four.

Anyway, enjoy the silliness. It probably won't come again until the magazine has another goofy contest.

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