Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cable news keeps dumbing down

That I don't watch cable news networks should go without saying. Especially MSNBC and Fox. (Hey, can YOU watch Bill O'Reilly without serious intestinal medicine?) But somehow, in my mind, CNN has been the go-to network for breaking big-time news, such as shuttle crashes, wars, and so on. (Hell, it was Gulf War coverage that put CNN on the map.)

Nancy Franklin, the savvy television reporter for the New Yorker, has made me sad. She reports that CNN's best international reporter, Christiane Amanpour, has flown the coop for ABC. Meanwhile, Campbell Brown's show is leaving due to low ratings, and the venerable Larry King show is ending in the fall. So who are replacing them? Sheesh.

Brown's replacements will be Eliot Spitzer, the ex-governor of New York who resigned after the ole prostitute thing, and Kathleen Parker, a conservative columnist. I bought Parker's columns in my capacity as an editorial page editor. She's a bit of an air-head conservative, chosen to please our air-head conservative readers. And Spitzer. Well, can you spell hypocrisy? As for King's replacement, it seems to be British tabloid editor and celebrity interviewer Piers Morgan. All appear to yaw even farther from the course of mainstream hard journalism.

Good thing we'll always have newspapers to rely on.

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