Monday, July 5, 2010

Revenge of the surds

As I was scanning through my movie menu, I came across something called "Revenge of the Nerds, Part IV." Eek! My mind went crazy. It came up with: "Revenge of the surds."

The surds? What the hell was that about?

I actually had to go the dictionary. I'd been thinking about surds in a linguistic sense - voiceless sounds - but the word mostly means irrational (be it a mathamatically irrational number or something simply lacking sense.)

Slowly, I started to think about cognate words - "Absurd," etc. But why was I thinking about all this?

Maybe it had to do with reading a review of "Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight," by Carl Rove.

This is not to say I have read the actual book, any more than I would vote for an actual Republican. And so this isn't a review. Instead, it is a slight comment on the blabatudes of silly (and, of course, dangerous) conservatives like Rove and Glen Beck and so forth: Nobody blames the dumbheaded money makers, but the idiot Americans who buy into the baloney.

Back when I was a kid, many people hated long hair, rock and roll, and anyone who dared to question the government's policy in southeast Asia. The details of such political disputes change, but such folks never went away. These days, perhaps, we can just talk about the revenge of surds.

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