Friday, October 22, 2010

Big Lies about the constitution

It clearly is fair to use Tea Party terminology and ask this: Why do those in the Tea Party movement hate the U.S. Constitution?

After all, they lie about it all the time.

For instance, it quickly became obvious to the patriots in the 1780s that the 13 colonies needed a real government. So, after much debate, they came up with our system of government. Yet Nevada Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle, who says we need to "phase out" Social Security and Medicare, can say "government isn't what our founding fathers put into the Constitution." Another Tea Party lie: The writers of the Constitution - very much on purpose - left out any mention of God or Jesus from the document, and the First Amendment starts out by saying that Congress "shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Yet Sarah Palin can say that the Constitution "acknowledg(es) that our unalienable rights ... come from God."

The baloney continues. Says Glenn Beck: opponents of Tea Party politics aim "to separate us from our Constitution and God."

You have to wonder why these people - obvious haters of the U.S. Constitution as it really is - think they can pull this enormous bluff - this Big Lie - over on the American people. The bluff seems to be working for a simple reason - the economy is in the shitter. The jobless rate always tells the electoral tale - "It's the economy, stupid." (Never mind that anti-regulation Republicans raised the toilet seat.) Tea Party folk don't seem to realize that it is the rich, elite people who are paying their way. Hell, many of their favorite candidates are wealthy beyond their dreams. But, are Americans really so dumb? Maybe so, at least in 2010, when jobless rates remain terrible. Still, copies of the U.S. Constitution are easily available. A quick look would reveal the lies. Unfortunately, a quick look at Fox News apparently is easier.

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