Tuesday, December 7, 2010

As with all surgery, side effects can occur

Hey, guys ... frustrated by the grim fact that women outlive men by an average of five to six years? That by age 85 there are roughly six women for every four men? That by age 100 the ratio is more than two to one?

What's the reason for this outrage? It appears that evolution is to blame. After all, evolution is a lot more interested in our offspring than it is about us. And healthy offspring need healthy moms. If the female body is weakened, reproduction is threatened. So gals get more maintenance - and apparently that early better health pays off in a longer lifespan.

Guys, on the other hand, while important to the wellbeing of their kids, don't do the womb thing. They don't do the suckle thing. No special maintenance for them.

In addition, it's been shown that, from an evolutionary point of view, the factors in males that lead to mating success aren't drivers of longevity. In fact, ligh levels of testosterone are quite bad for long-term survival.

The historical record doesn't show us whether eunuchs outlived normal healthy men, but there are recent studies that suggest they do. Not too long ago, castration of men in institutions for the mentally ill was surprisingly common. In a study of several hundred men at an unamed institution in Kansas, castrated men were shown to have lived 14 years long than those who were intact.

Ask your doctor if castration is right for you.

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