Saturday, April 2, 2011

The End

Today my father, author of this blog, passed away from complications related to lung cancer.

It was only about 1 ½ years ago I set up this blog for him as a birthday present. He was always impossible to find a gift for and I was hoping that this might help him full the void left with he was laid off of his editorial writer job at the paper. It turned out better than I had ever dared hope.

Soon he was writing three to four times a week and was so excited anytime his hit counter incremented. During one of our many phone conversations he even mentioned that it was the best present I had even got him.

Though this blog I learned things about him I never knew. Sometimes I felt like he was writing just to me to tell me something he never got around to or did not know how to say in person. But really he was just a great writer and a truly amazing guy that had some enteraining things to say.

I am sure he would want his readers to know he had not abandoned them but instead been forced into yet another form of retirement. I in turn wanted to thank every one who pushed his hit counter up you can not know how much enjoyment he got out of writing these and thinking that maybe someone out that was enjoying reading it too.