Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Early thought

Some say philosophy began with the myths that have come down to us - myths from the Upanishads or from Homer that dealt with the same philosophical concerns that linger today: How and what do we - can we - know? How should we conduct our lives? How should we arrange our way of living together?

But of course philosophy goes a lot farther back than that. I picture a stone-age hunter-gatherer clan sitting around a fire in their leisure time, which was a big part of their day, and glancing up at the brilliant stars. (Very little light pollution back then.) Some first philosopher, perhaps a young guy who was a little geeky with the atlatl but was an introspective sort, closed his eyes to the unreachable splendor above, deep in thought.

"Is this all there is?" he pondered, unknowingly doing a Peggy Lee. "What does it all mean?

"And, what's with that dark energy?"

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