Friday, April 23, 2010


A memory that still makes me smile involves my late father-in-law, who visited us shortly after we moved into our house (We Owned It!) in Helena. Ken had grown up on a farm (about 50-60 miles east of the Twin Cities near Highway 12) and he had a feeling for the natural way that plants would grow - at least in Wisconsin.

Ken walked into our backyard in mid-June and did a double-take worthy of Charlie Chaplin. He damn near wrenched his head off staring at my apple tree. NO apple tree should still be flowering so late!

Well, of course it was flowering. This was Helena.

As I looked outside today, that same apple tree has started to bud. Yes, in late April. Blossoms due in June. Sorry about that, Wisconsinites.

What's cool is that come August, when little deer with spots on their backs will get a hankering for sweet little yellow apples, those fawns will get their fill.

Gosh, I won't have to rake those apples up. And I get to watch little deer twerps, munching!.


  1. Congrats!
    The winner was good, but I still think I like yours better.

  2. Clearly this was meant for your 04/24 post, opps. :)