Sunday, December 27, 2009

The world as a stage

OK, so call me jealous. Late this afternoon, as I stood over my kitchen sink, looking out the window to check the temperature outside on the thermometer attached to the side of the window, pointing in, I noticed those six deer who enjoyed my back yard on Christmas afternoon. They entered my neighbor's yard across the alley one at a time like actors in a play. Stage right, back. Stage left, front (along the alley). Stage left, back, (between two houses). Like Shakespearian thespians, they wandered gracefully onto the snow-covered boards, moving about, kicking the accumulated flakes, ignoring the "fourth wall." No asides, no soliloquies about "to be or not to be" for me, the audience.

Then they headed away, stage right, between buildings, back toward another street to the west.

I agree that urban deer, with no predators except the vehicles they have learned to avoid, must be culled. Otherwise, in a few years, they would overrun the town. But, spurned as I felt - what was wrong with my back yard? - I hope "my" deer aren't among the victims of the traps and the bolts soon to come.

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