Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fun on the Golf Channel

At a time when sports can be less than inspiring - football players banging themselves into early dementia, baseball players pigging out on what's now going on generations of steroid use, etc. - games still can give a sports fan a wide, goofy smile. Such was the case for me this afternoon watching Michele Wie, 20, "finally" win her first professional golf tournament. Wie, horribly mismanaged by her parents and promoters since the age of 12, had the kind of grin I won't soon forget after hitting a sand bunker shot to within a foot on the final hole for a birdie and a two-stroke win over the best female players in golf.

And, in a silly take on the old ABC Wide World of Sports slogan, it was a case of the joy of victory and agony of de feet. (Her ankle brace didn't prevent some missed shots. Asked about the discomfort, she told an interviewer she didn't want to think about it.) Still, let's root for not only some more LPGA wins, but for the time and peace to take advantage of a top-notch Stanford University education.

Golf, I can testify from personal experience, is a rather fickle mistress. She'll probably do you wrong. An education, on the other hand, might not make you rich, but it won't let you down.

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