Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spin-free lawn-mower instructions

How refreshing is this?:

"Lift the side discharge cover (1).
Align the slot on the discharge chute (2) with the pins on the underside of the discharge cover.
Lower the discharge chute until the hooks on the mower deck are secured in the openings of the discharge chute."

How absolutely refreshing! During my whole professional life as a newspaper dude I've been handling spin, be it the word from the local cop shop or from city commissioners, state offices, congressional offices, or - far worse - political parties or (Eek!) think-tank propagandists.

Now, after my electric lawn mower quit, leaving grass covering my front yard that is so long that it is unacceptable even to me, I've bought a new mower. Sure, now I'm expected to put the damn thing together. But hey, no "talking points!" These technical writers are doing their best to tell it like it is! No bull!

Donno. After all those years of political baloney, maybe I should buy some more lawn mowers. The blades spin. But all they do is cut up grass, not common sense.

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